Hyped on Type.



B.IMPRESSED Shop is a design studio that focuses on typography based design. 

Typography n. 

1. the style and appearance of printed matter

  •  The art or procedure of arranging type or processing data and printing from it.

2.  the style, arrangement, or appearance of printed letters on a page

  • paper and (B thinks) web

B.IMPRESSED Shop is located within the Brooklyn Navy Yard, housed within Woodside Press, a full service letterpress shop. Bessie has been letterpress printing for 8 years and her work in the shop and on screen are very closely connected. She spends time gathering lots of information from her clients so she can design with intention – creating designs that fit them and draws on the subtle details of their brand.



Bessie is a graphic designer and letterpress printer who loves working with type in it's 3D and 2D forms.  She's a passionate problem solver and has found that a mix of print and web design allows her to use typography in different ways.  She likes to imagine her print and web work holding hands and often intersects them by pulling in printed scans or incorporating type she uses in the shop. 

Aren't these two things polar opposites?  Yes! However, Bessie finds them both to be different puzzles. Working in the shop influences how she works digitally and vice versa. Knowing that most individuals + businesses need both, she enjoys being able to work with them across both medias. 

Is B.IMPRESSED Shop just you?  Right now it is mainly Bessie and then we often work with other printers, designers and photographers on a freelance basis.  If you're interested in working together please get in touch

How did you get started? While studying at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, I found the letterpress shop on campus and took a weekend workshop over the summer. After this class, I knew I would work with type for my career. I left Graphic Design and graduated as an Open Major so I could focus on letterpress printing and started B.IMPRESSED Shop in 2010. 





love working with individuals and companies to create or revise their visual identity  



making typographic marks - especially love creating logotypes (type based logos) and drawing from vintage type. 



both digitally created and letterpress printed printed goods - business cards, postcards, menus, etc. 



custom Squarespace websites



In house letterpress printing


  +  Job Printing

B.IMPRESSED loves to help stationery companies grow their businesses by providing job printing services.  If you're at a stage were you can't handle all the printing and are looking to outsource let's chat!