End of March Scroll-through

Spring: I'm into you so far.

March was here, there, everywhere, and then gone. A feeling like, "When did March happen?!" was how it felt for the CEO of B.IMPRESSED. Lots of great things happened though and some of the highlights are documented below.

Number ONE - my OVRCOAT arrived!! (and was hand delivered by the maker extraordinaire, my twin sis Kate Anderson) I am the luckiest. Since arriving, my OVRCOAT has been worn everyday. A little stiff when it was fresh outta the box - and now it is perfectly broken in (and slightly inky). OVRCOAT spent its first week doing some fun things: Olives & Grace party for Moochies Macarons, Easter printing at Repeat press, and wedding printing for B.IMPRESSED @ Interrobang Letterpress. I worked it buttoned, open, with a popped collar - and loved each and every day with it so far. What's next? - well it's finally warming up which means I'm waiting on the denim vest version.  LOTS. Of. Chambray. Coming. #werk.

I was a virgin macaroon taster - but can assure you these are amazing for first timers as well as macaroon veterans! - my favorites were the lavender and lemon poppyseed. Tray crafted with love by her dad - dads rule!

Olives & Grace always has great events going down at 81 Pembroke in the South End and this was no exception. Love OG so much - snapped this shot in the shop - one of B.IMPRESSED's favorite habitats.

Occasionally I work for Mike Dacey of Repeat Press when he needs some muscle to help dig in and help get shit done. All we do is non-stop hustle and grind (see posters below). This week it was a large order of Easter and Passover cards, with printed and lined envelopes. Succulents from the Foret ladies adorn the windmills and lots of conversations are overheard in this sweet co-working space called Fringe, located in Union Square, Somerville.

In March B.IMPRESSED also made lots of baby cards. AND twin baby cards too! (not pictured) These guys will pair perfectly with my partner in craft, Rhubarb Brooklyn, for Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn this coming June.  Printed on pink lemonade and blue paper with pastel yellow and sage green ink, these cards are the cards to give the cool babies that your cool friends just had. Perfect for baby showers, hospital visits and snail mail sending.

Finally, March ended with something really exciting - a new space for B.IMPRESSED! Yup, that's right B.IMPRESSED will soon have an actual location that you can visit, take workshops at, or chill and have a beer with B. For all of those that ask to come to my shop (and I've had to explain that I don't actually have my own) I now expect to have a waitlist.  My space will be at 50 Island Street in one of the Lawrence, MA Mill Buildings.

Not in Boston?! - Actually B.IMPRESSED is going to leave Boston for a bit and do a little exploring. May 1st I'll be heading to Brooklyn to a new apartment with my twin for an epic summer and then I'll be back and forth between MA and NYC - for how long is TBD.  Follow me? I hope so!