Double Feature


A two - part blog post

Kind of a lengthy one my friend, so settle in: get a coffee, snack, etc and get reading - or just scroll through and look at the photos.


Valentine's week started out with an office style day; got some paper ordered, wrote some Valentines, and did my weekly blog. (yes weekly now - sign up to your right to get them emailed to you.)

Stationary has been the main attraction in the shop lately. I got some custom teacher + personal stationary started for my favorite DC art teacher Ms. Cushner. Ms. C and I studied at MassArt together where we became BFF's. I'm psyched for the bright colors chosen for this job, a bit outside of my normal neutral palette. Here is the first design proof for the stationary. Next week you'll get to see the finished product.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. - these custom Thank you notes where printed as my gift for the bar mitzvah I was invited to for a B.IMPRESSED client.

type set by Chris Chew - Interrobang's intern that I borrowed for that day.
type set by Chris Chew - Interrobang's intern that I borrowed for that day.

I had the pleasure of designing and printing the 3- part invitations for the bar mitzvah AND was invited. However, mother nature decided to hit us with a major blizzard which prevented me from getting there. Snow - I'm so over you.

front and inside view
front and inside view

Later in the week I finished some new stationary for Olives and Grace - be on the lookout for these little guys all around Boston.

Next it was off to Repeat Press for Valentine's day. I got to check out the very exciting opening day of Union Square Donuts, yum! Then it was time to print some CD covers. Used the already die cut CD cases from Stumptown for these & they rock - want to now use them for a B.IMPRESSED project - or to just make baller mix CDs.

I finished the week with a Creative Mornings lecture at MassArt a little time in the shop and then an aggressive workout.


I left Boston on Saturday aboard a 6:30am Lucky Star bus to see my twin in New York. This time my friend Ben came with. It was his first Brooklyn experience.

Upon arrival in BK we walked up to Park Slope to get lunch at a spot called S'NICE. It is an all vegetarian/vegan spot that we chose because Ben went vegan for lent. (I gave up baked goods and pledged to blog weekly & Kate gave up chips & beer)

S'NICE was such a hit and they had spice girls, backstreet and Britney bumping the whole time - into it. We strolled after lunch, Kate fed her caffeine addiction, and then I cat napped before dinner.

We went to an italian spot recommended from friends we went to high school with. (That happen to live two blocks from Kate.) It came highly recommended and didn't disappoint - we'll be back.

All kate owns is turtlenecks right now.
All kate owns is turtlenecks right now.

We ended at commonwealth with some dark & stormy's, high life's, and BK besties.

The bar was nice, I promise.
The bar was nice, I promise.

Check out this 3D printed ear cuff from the Kimberly Ovitz runway show this past week. Present courtesy of rockstar Dana who designs for KO. Oh, you want an earcuff? - available on KO's website.

Look for her rocking this KO ear-cuff around Brooklyn, she will.
Look for her rocking this KO ear-cuff around Brooklyn, she will.

Sunday started with a freezing cold walk to Kate's gym for an 11am class called Knockout. I was warned that it was difficult, and thought, it's cool I workout, but this kicked. my. ass. Bye Kate, I'm ready to go home now. Jk, I enjoyed sweating it out with my other half. Then we went to Williamsburg to meet up with my best and biz consultant Linds. Had a great meeting, coffee fix, and popped into some cute shops where I wanted to buy everything. Just wrap up your whole store. Perfect. Thanks.

After a great B.IMPRESSED biz meeting & some delish local Thai, we hit up one of Linds's new spots Oak & Iron. Prosecco of draft - into it. I hardly ever order wine, but did twice this weekend. Giddy up. Thumbs up to Oak & Iron and Greenpoint, looking forward to my next visit.


Extra day with my twin due to the Monday holiday, yay! - Sargent Kate dragged my hurting bod back to the gym for Booty Barre - a ballet style class that made sure my muscles left NY werked. A little breakfast and then it was back to Boston for me and off to a fitting for Kate. My twin has her own tailoring business in New York, and does in-house fittings. She's a baller. 20 inch rims.

Love you peb - see you next week to turn 24!

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