2 days in NYC

Last week I was able to fit in a quick trip to visit the best twin ever.  Below are some photos from our two days full of FUN.

I arrived in NY late Monday night via Lucky Star Bus, and after a quick subway ride I was in my sisters new hood South Park Slope.  We caught up a bit over a summer brewski and then hit the hay.

Tuesday Kate worked a full day, so I was on my own to explore. We started off the morning with some coffee at Baked in Brooklyn, a bakery that makes fresh bread, about a block away from her new place.  After saying, later gator to Kate, I strolled around the new neighborhood exploring for a bit. Then it was back to Kate's place to shower and get ready.


First stop on my list for Tuesday was the post office to ship some B.IMPRESSED off to the UK - cheers!


Then I walked from the Post Office to DUMBO, in over 100 degree weather. Good thing I had jams for the walk.


I was off to DUMBO to visit Modern Anthology, a store I had read about in Kinfolk magazine.  I thought it might be a good match for B.IMPRESSED so I wanted to check it out and drop off a sample pack.


I spent awhile reading the hilarious cards they currently carry. This was a favorite.  When I asked to take the photos, the woman working remarks "Oh sure, just don't mind the dog playing dead on the counter." I turn around and...


the dog is laying "dead" on the counter where you check out. LOL - literally.

I left Modern Anthology and walked in the direction of the Waterfront. On my way there was a book store with a great card display in the windows, so I popped in.  They carried lots of my favorites including, Hammerpress, Yee-haw (RIP), and Rifle Paper Co.



After browsing cards for awhile, I turn around and notice this girl with a great short haircut like Kates.  Then she turns and...it's Michelle Williams.


And then I died.


NY, you're looking good. Here's a shot down by the Waterfront. After this I headed into the city to stock up at Paper Presentation and spend the night visiting our friend Lindsay on the Upper West Side. We're so fancy, huh? - Just kidding, it was actually more like slices bigger then your head with some summer shandy's and quality chat time.


Wednesday was twin day. Matching outfits completed this day. Orange you glad we both happened to have orange dresses with us? I am.

We strolled (and sweated) to Carroll Gardens with plans to see a matinee and have dinner, but our plans changed when we got a call from the one and only Max Colby who was visiting the city and had the afternoon free.  Max jumped on a train to BK and while we waited for Max we went to...


Milk bar! - we had coffee, a treat, and an ice cream sample. The flavors were salted pistachio and cereal milk. Yah, you read that right. Aren't you so intrigued by the cereal milk flavor?  It really tastes exactly like if you froze the leftover milk from your cornflakes. Really does.


We sat outside, and took twin pictures. Obviously.


Great afternoon with Max, ducking into a bar for happy hour and free popcorn while we waited out the afternoon thunderstorm.  Then once the rain cleared we hugged goodbye and headed to our dinner destination. First before dinner though, a late coffee at Starbucks. Then a dinner of delicious turkey burgers in Cobble Hill at a place Kate found a while back.  Yum.


We spent the night in BK, checking out a few of the local spots - and this sign pretty much sums up the amazing bars in Kate's new neighborhood. Is the Boston twin jealous? Absolutely. The next twin visit takes place here and I'll need to step up my game after such a great visit in NY. Stay tuned!