Olives & Grace Branding

OG’s slogan, “A curtsy to the makers,” seems self-explanatory, but there’s a passion that comes out in Sofi’s voice when she talks about what the phrase means to her.

“It’s a gracious thank you to the people who throw themselves into their work. They believe in what they’re creating, and they just go for it. I love being around those types of people, and that ‘jump’ confidence.”

When the owner of Olives & Grace first got in touch with me I was psyched for B.IMPRESSED to do a store branding project.

Then I met Sofi, and saw the space, and it was done - I was OG's biggest fan. During our first meeting I had ideas for the design, and knew which typefaces I wanted to use, which, for me, is always a sign of printer to client "match-up" success. On a scale of one to dream...dream.

The process, and results (so far) are in the photos below. I am so excited to share this with you, enjoy!

20120713-094953.jpg First comes the typesetting. 20120713-095020.jpg Second comes the proofs. There were some revisions and then as the time to print came, I was like...


20120713-095051.jpg Stacks on stacks.

20120713-095114.jpg Ready for a little corner round. 20120713-095210.jpg With a little 1/8" corner round they were complete.

20120713-095237.jpg Then it came time to print some proofs for the window lettering. These were then scanned in, made into digital finals ad tweaked in the computer. Then off they went to the vinyl lettering people & it was their turn to make dreams come true.

20120713-095330.jpg After the b-cards & window design was finished, a visit to SOWA happened. My friend B hittin' up the food trucks like a pro.

20120713-095646.jpg Our favorite thing at SOWA was this fan.

20120713-095346.jpg Just kidding. I liked this quote on a poster at the vintage market.

20120713-095700.jpg And I liked this napkin dispenser.

20120713-095411.jpg YAY the Olives & Grace windows lookin' DOPE. After SOWA B and I stopped in for a visit. She's right in the south end people, go there everyday!


Here's a peek in from the outside of the store. 20120713-095443.jpg


Two large windows out front are perfect for displays. Even when they're closed you'll be able to window shop! 20120713-095520.jpg


Here is a shot of the back of the store where an awesome stage was built from recycled wood. The signs you see hanging highlight certain MAKERS that are being sold at the shop. Lots of the MAKERS Sofi has found for OG have really great stories behind their companies, and this is OG's way of sharing them.

Which is why....


...these new wall signs were printed. Also (not shown here) are an adaptation of the wall sign for the gift boxes, which will be included in every gift box purchase. This card will share the MAKERS included in each gift box, with a little something something about each one for you to read. ALL the more reason to make sure OG gift boxes are your go -to for gift giving.


Lastly, I am SO thrilled to say that B.IMPRESSED is now one of the MAKERS being sold at Olives & Grace!

Sofi currently has some of the latest products that were just printed and will carry a selection of appropriatly themed cards according to the season. So South Enders, (and the rest of Boston) - next time you're strolling down Trement make sure to pop into Olives & Grace and enjoy all of the wonderful MAKERS Sofi has made available to you.

A curtsy to YOU, Sofi! Visit OLIVES & GRACE today in person or online - www.olivesandgrace.com