Graduation Domination

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My "little" brother MAX (whose actually 18 & 6ft tall) is about to graduate from high school and with  -> 2 <- graduation parties coming up I felt like he needed some "too cool for school" invites.  So,  since his cool older sister happens to be a letterpress printer, I hooked my little bro up.

First Step - everyone say it with me...TYPESETTING!

Above is the type set and inked up for the proof run to check out my design, spelling, etc. Please note the metal  typeface that I used for the numbers - amazing right? It's called Prisma and this invitation is the first time I have used it. I know, kind of crazy I haven't used it before now, but I was waiting for the perfect thing to use it for, and this invitation was it.

Below is the proof of the invite in one color.

After proofing my type and changing a couple things I was ready to start printing the first run. The first run is the gold blocks that sit underneath "Something to Celebrate." To get these blocks you take wood type and flip it upside down, so instead of getting the type side to print you get the texture of the wood on the opposite side. I like this trick for adding another texture into your printing, and in this case using it to separate "Something to Celebrate" from the rest of the text.

Next I separated the text that I wanted to print in blue, which was my next ink color to go on press. The blue was printed and then the final color, black, was set up on press to finish them up.

Below is the type for the black run locked up on press and ready to print.

At the beginning of the post I mentioned that Max is having 2 parties, which means I actually had to do 2 invitations. The way I decided to do this was to set up a form that would allow me to swap out the time, date, address, and RSVP without changing the overall layout of the design.

See if you can spot the differences in the 2 photos below -->

Would you have noticed if I hadn't of told you?

Doing the two invitations with one design was an interesting challenge. I really enjoyed that I got to use this design twice, and also had the chance to print a new set of numbers with the Prisma.  Win win I'd say.

••••••••••••••••••••>  Next on to the ENVELOPES.

I printed the return addresses on the envelope flaps by "recycling" the addresses that were set for the invitations. I added to these addresses so it would be a complete return address and then got them locked up to print.

Below is the return address in a jobstick which is the piece of equipment used for setting type. The jobstick allows you to set the line length for what you're setting and holds the type together before you're ready to print.

Next the envelopes were opened so the flap stuck out straight so they could be run through the press and printed.

Here are the envelopes still in the press after being printed. This was the finishing touch for these invitations before they were packed up and shipped home to be sent out.

My shout - out to Max :

Max, I love you and I am so proud of you. So looking forward to cheering really loud for you next week at graduation and attending 2 really great graduation parties. Cheers to you buddy!

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