Custom Christmas Cards

Just when you thought you got started early for Christmas, you were wrong.

I was so flattered when my recent client contacted to make one of my Christmas cards into his personal holiday card. It was an interesting way of combining my custom orders with my existing retail products and I was so on board.

Oh, did I mention it's April?

Printing Christmas cards during 80 degree weather is quite interesting. Maybe this is what Christmas feels like in California?

FIRST this project started with re-setting this Christmas card. I had printed this card last season so I did not have enough left over to fill the order. However, this is what allowed them to customize this re-print with their names on the inside.

This card is a 3 - color run with inside printing. Each color is run separately, meaning that the form is separated into what type I want to print red, green, etc. and then registered to match up when a new ink color is put on press.

This is a typical still shot of what you would commonly see on the table when I'm in the shop. Please note - to the far left are the sleeves of my shirt. Yes, just the sleeves. It got so hot one day that cutting off my sleeves happened.

Here are my clients names set in metal type, inked up and ready to be printed.

Below are the names once printed.

After a couple days on press, some very hot April weather, and a little Christmas magic, the cards were finished!

Then the cards were scored, folded and packaged with my Kraft paper envelopes.

This project reminded me how wonderful the holidays can be and that they don't have to be saved for just the day after Thanksgiving until December 31st.  Christmas came early this year, thank you Santa.

To order your own custom holiday cards email me at -- Also, view some existing card designs in my Etsy shop that you can choose from.