What Have I Been Up To?

"It says it take 40 minutes, but that's if you drive the speed limit."

Missed you! My other half pointed out that it's been awhile since my last post and she's right. Here are some goodies.

Printed custom letterpress gift certificates for NYC jewelry designer Erica Weiner.
Erica's gift certificates set in metal type.


I'm obsessed with her title face SAPHIR from the 50's


Sweet mailboxes at MIT.


At MIT I visited with Len and traded keys for gauge pins. Snapped a shot of this envelope that holds the gauge pins extra tongues.


Had a visit from the best twin ever.
Got Starbucks with the best twin ever & had a movie date - "may the odds be ever in your favor!"
Went to NYC and found the best Happy Hour in Park Slope.
Got to visit the Valentino store for a VIP tour while my dad was painting it.


Printed titles for my website re-design --- stay tuned for that! B.IMPRESSEDSHOP.COM is going under the knife.

Posted up some new things to ETSY.
Proofed some vintage printers cuts - this one was a find from the Brimfield flea. "How amazing would this be for Barney's Co-Op!! - Die." - The best twin ever.
Spent some time at Repeat Press helping Mike Dacey. Some of the highlights - learning to mix Pantone ink colors, tootsie pops from the ink company, printing wedding invites and doing a re-print of posters for Pretty Things, cheers!
Prepping for my bookbinding / letterpress workshop this weekend. Looking forward to a great Saturday in Beverly and the. best. workshop. ever.


Taught my Saturday Bookbinding/Letterpress workshop at the Studios at Porter Mill in Beverly, MA. Here I am demonstrating how to print on my table-top press.


Students were able to personalize their journals with a variety of vintage printers cuts, wood type and hand-set metal type.


A beautiful day in Beverly, making handmade journals. Join me next time to make your very own handmade book!

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