Custom Letterpress Business Cards --- Max Colby

Max Colby, an artist on the verge of graduating from SMFA, recently contacted me about having business cards printed. Max is an artist I studied with while in school and I am very fond of his work.  So needless to say I was psyched when asked to work on this for him.

His previous business card just wasn't cutting it anymore. With plans to move to NYC and opening after opening to attend he needed something people would remember and save.

This project started like every project starts for me...with a type treasure hunt. My custom projects are printed at Interrobang Letterpress in Jamaica Plain, and although I've worked here for almost 2 years, I constantly uncover "new" stuff.

For Max's cards I knew the simple design needed the perfect typeface. After looking through lots of job cases, I wasn't finding it, so I moved onto the slant cabinets.


Pictured above is a slant cabinet and each slot holds a different typeface. Interestingly, for this project all the type I used came from the slant cabinets at Interrobang (there's 7 full ones).  The extra fun with the slant cabinets is that not all of the type is labeled, so then you have the added mystery of figuring out what it is. You're on the edge of your seat, I know.


Next I set the 4 typefaces that I liked for Max plus some Futura Light 8pt. for the accompanying text. Then this type went on press to proof.


This proof was pulled and sent to Max. He loved number 2 (so did I). I had a feeling when I pulled #2 from the cabinet that this would be it.

But what was IT? This typeface wasn't labeled...dun dun dun.

Luckily I'm at the shop that has everything, including specimen book on specimen book, so M helped me identify it as...BETON bold!



Above is a shot of the Beton Bold typeface laid out in its "box"? (not really sure the name for the thing that holds the type in a slant cabinet...anybody?)


Once Max's chase was set up it was time for the first run. Its a custom mixed light grey ink printed on Lettra 330lb.  First time using Lettra, kind of like printing on paper towel...I'm not Lettra's number one fan, but for this job it was a good match.

Two more runs for the back, one a blind impression and the same grey for the 8pt text. Pictured below is the final.


Always a pleasure working with Max. I know these cards will aid in making wonderful connects for him, and I am excited to see what unfolds for him after graduation. Yes, he's still in school. I know. 

All the best Max!!