A Week at Interrobang Letterpress

20120214-100139.jpg Last week I had the pleasure of playing assistant to Michael Babcock, of Interrobang Letterpress. Michael's shop is where I interned while I was a student and since graduating he has graciously opened his shop to me when I need to print on a platen model press.

Custom orders are flooding in to Interrobang, so M called me in for backup. I was excited to be put to work setting type and working on jobs that are not always typical for B.IMPRESSED.


First project was typesetting for ISIS LP covers. I set credits on the back and the song titles for the inside slide in panel. While setting type ISIS played through the speakers to set the mood. Day one was strictly typesetting for about five hours.

Day two began with a stop at Canto 6 for iced coffee as I walked to Interrobang from my pad in JP. It's almost a mile and a half walk, and with such beautiful weather I decided I'd walk each day to explore my neighborhood a little and catch some rays.


Printing ISIS covers for several hours took up most of day two. With a run of 1,000 to do I was relieved when M gave me some more typesetting to do. The next project was setting type for GrandTen Distilling in South Boston. GrandTen is a fairly new distillery, specializing in gin. Guys of GrandTen, when is the gin sampling happening?



Day Three started with another walk, and a coffee stop at ULA to switch it up. Although I love getting hot Americano's when I have time to sit and chill at ULA, I think Canto wins for better iced A's.

Change-up on day three happened when I was sent downstairs to work on the Chandler & Price. I got to do the last color run for WNBR's Lost highway business cards, and also one of their mailers. The lost highway cards were an enjoying printing run, with a pleasant interruption from some Nstar guys. One of them had taken letterpress printing at Dorchester high, and was stunned to see the equipment still being used today. He made sure to snap a photo on the way out.


Next job of day three was the WMBR mailers. The form for these was still standing so once it got locked up I was ready to go. With only 100 to do it felt like this would be done in the blink of an eye. More like a short cat nap later, me and these WMBR cards just weren't friends. Eventually we forgave each other for being difficult and finished with a fluorescent mailer that the USPS will surely enjoy.


My final project at Interrobang was the re-design and printing of B.IMPRESSED'S business cards, and that will be featured in another post coming soon. Great time at Interrobang Letterpress, pleasure being your assistant M.