Koch Antiqua for K.

K. Lenore Siner : Custom Business Cards

My most recent client K. Lenore Siner was a pleasure to meet, and a pleasure to print for. She is a local artist residing in JP who is "committed to: making things, remaking things, making something out of nothing. beauty." Learn more about her here.

K. contacted me about having some custom business cards made. She knew she wanted to go with a Kraft paper stock, gold & maroon ink, a typewriter style typeface and to incorporate some imagery.

One imagery idea was to use a skeleton key, but after hunting through my vintage printers cuts there were no keys available. However, I did find some interesting flowers cast in type metal, and because flowers are also used in her work, they were decided on for the imagery.

First, several proofs of different flower layouts were done. Below is one of the proofs with a possible type layout drawn in.


The image below is the flower layout that we went with and it is a double run of the flowers so there is a slight overlapping.


While working on the flower layout I was also setting type. I actually have four arms.

Below is the typeface "Koch Antiqua" that I decided on for K's name and website address. These were the two elements that she wanted to emphasize. When I saw the lowercase "k" in this face I fell in love and also felt like it resembled a key with it's long ascender. The large "k" was combined with a variety of "Koch Antiqua" sizes because the 36pt. had only capitals. This combo of sizes being printed together required some "shimming" of different spacing to achieve a tight lock-up.


After setting the additional card info in 12pt. Bulmer Roman it was time for it to be proofed. Maroon ink went on press, the type got locked up tight in a chase and it was proofing time!


Once I was happy with the type layout it was time to do the run of 500 cards. Below is a birds-eye photo of me standing at the head of the press as it's running. As the press opens each card is slid in by hand and printed one by one.


After 5oo impressions K's card was finished and the final product is pictured below. The "Koch Antiqua" was a pleasure to print and a big thanks to Michael at Interrobang Letterpress for the opportunity to print with it and for continuing to share his wonderful shop with me.


K. I loved working on this new card with you and I wish you all the best!

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