"Spread Love it's the Brooklyn Way"

Biggie Smalls loved Valentine's Day. (he could have? who knows?) When it comes to Valentine's Day, I feel the more love the better. (I mean Valentine's is pluralized.)  Instead of hiding and pretending the holiday doesn't exisit, I glorify it, and send out extra love then I might on a usual day.

I love getting mail, literally anything with my name on it, so this year I went with a postcard, so it HAD to be mailed. Snail mail, you're being resurrected, one postcard at a time. Maybe I will even write hilarious things so that the people at the post office will LOL.

Sold in sixer's these guys are now available in my shop.

For those who are going with a less positive approach to Valentine's Day this year, this is the card you should give your best friend. It's also available in my shop.

Currently I'm hooked on Breaking Bad, so when I found this I couldn't resist.

AND for more great Valentine ideas, check out FELT & WIRE's Valentine's Day special, featuring the B.IMPRESSED's Valentine's from above. I am thrilled to be included in such a great post, about such a great holiday.

Give out Valentine's this year, like you did in grade school, and who knows what you'll recieve in return!