Making ABC's Cool



About to finish B.IMPRESSED's newest product today and I am so excited with how it has turned out. I will be giving it to my cousin's tomorrow at their shower and then they will be available for all of you who are dying to buy them. These cards were printed in a limited edition of 26 to celebrate all 26 letters in the alphabet, because I love them all. The cards are printed on recycled chip board and the alphabet is printed from vintage wood type. The type in red on the back of the cards is printed from 24pt Outline metal type that was all hand-set by yours truly. The images and what each letter stands for are inspired by a variety of antique printer's cuts, so expect some surprises. My intention was for the parents to enjoy the cards as much as the child. I mean I think at least one present should be for the parents, after all they are the ones with sleepless nights, crying and diapers to look forward to.

Congratulations to all of you who decided to have children. For now I am happy celebrating for you by making these letterpress cards.