"Tomorrow we're going to move at NC pace."


So tomorrow is today and at 1:22 it feels like we have already done so much. (or maybe just eaten so much) Great breakfast at Early Girl Eatery with our new NY friends Hannah and Elizabeth. Had delicious omelets and coffee talk. Next we walked around downtown Asheville, got a cute "Bb" t-shirt and ended up at The Gourmet Chip Company. This place is UNREAL. Not only are the potato chips amazing plain, you then choose toppings to coat them with. We went with the Tuscan - regular potato chips with thyme, rosemary encrusted goat cheese, truffle oil, and sea salt. oh.my.god.

Now we are in comfy chairs having iced Americano's with Almond milk. Almost like I'm in Boston, except everything is in slow motion.