Time to take this show on the road


I'm like seeeee ya Boston!

^ (said best by Annika Benitz. Maybe if you stalk her here and become bff's you will get the pleasure of hearing her say this)

In less then 48 hours I am hitting the road to drive to Asheville, North Carolina for the Ladies of Letterpress Conference. Not only will this be my first road trip, it is also the longest amount of time I have ever spent in a car. Unfortunately I do not get to take our dream driving machine the Dodge Shadow.

Luckily I have the best company joining me, my twin Peb (short for Pebble, real name Katie). Peb and I have in no way mentally prepared for driving, and will rely on my amazing playlist called Risk Taker & unhealthy amounts of coffee.

So excited to stay with our great friends Daizy & Juliana along the way and then post up at some various hotels in Asheville.