B is also for Baby


Yes, babies happen. And when they happen in my family, B.IMPRESSED takes action to squeeze some letterpress into this kids life from day one. I began printing for this baby shower gift / a new addition to B.IMPRESSED yesterday at Interrobang Letterpress in Jamaica Plain (JP), MA yesterday. This will also be my first solo project to be printed at Interrobang, which I am very excited about. Michael Babcock is the owner & printer of Interrobang and I was lucky enough to be his intern during my last year at MassArt. I am so grateful he has continued to keep his door open to me and for all of his support with B.IMPRESSED.

Working in Michael's shop is truly a privilege. I am usually overcome by jealousy because just when I think I have a grip on all of the amazing type, equipment and other letterpress things he has I find something new. He has an amazing shop, as well as an extensive library nestled into his great house in JP which makes you feel at home when technically you're "at work". His location right of Washington St. is also a short walk away from Canto 6, which is great for coffee and has dangerously good pastry. Everything in Michael's shop is also incredibly organized, clean and perfectly laid out, making it a great space to complete a project. So for this baby B.IMPRESSED gift this was an ideal shop to begin. Day 1 of printing was a great success, finished printing the entire alphabet on the front of the cards in an edition of 26 with a couple extra just in case for each letter. I'm using wood type from a galley cabinet I got in Haverhill, MA and this is the first time I have seen the entire alphabet printed. There are definitely some gems like the "Q" that ended up amongst my favorites.

Overall a successful day printing with a visit to Canto for coffee and then making it back before the rain to finish up the alphabet listening to Black Sabbath in the basement of Interrobang Letterpress.

Am I breading future printers...? Stay tuned for the end of August reveal.