Felt & Wire Feature

Lucky in Lead

One of the highlights of the Ladies of Letterpress conference in Asheville, NC was meeting Alyson Kuhn from Felt & Wire.  I have admired Felt & Wire since I was introduced to it a couple years ago. As a book artist and letterpress printer I've loved many projects they have done, because they always find a way to combine beautiful paper, great craft and notary causes in an attractive way.  An example is, Mohawk's Feedback Loop, where 25 letterpress designers/printers were able to make 50 journals that would then be sold through Felt & Wire Shop with all proceeds going to a youth mentoring program called School: by Design.

Meeting both Alyson Kuhn, a writer for the Felt & Wire Blog, and Allyson Van Houte, curator of the Felt & Wire Shop, at the Ladies of Letterpress conference was really amazing. Then when Alyson Kuhn called me about doing this feature it was the perfect ending to a great trip to North Carolina.

Check out the blog feature here.

Many thanks to Alyson Kuhn, it was a pleasure working with you.