Movie Night with Obama


Peb & I only had about 12 hours to spend in DC, but we definitely made the most of it. After a tour of Daizy's awesome house in DC we headed downtown for drinks and dinner. The first stop had great $4 drinks, beerpong, and a photobooth that we took full advantage of. Next stop, Amsterdam Falafel, for falafel and fries. Good thing they plan on opening in Somerville because once you try it you're hooked. After filling up on falafel, we went to The Reef for another drink and we were happily surprised to see Strongbow on draft..2 please! Quickly we finished our Strongbow's to make it in time for movie night at Obama's pad. Movie playing - My date with the president's daughter, duh.

Our wonderful host's gave a midnight tour of the monuments, which I didn't think I would mind missing, until I saw them and had no idea what I was missing. Definitely planning on returning to explore DC further, 12 hours proved not to be enough time...dang.